Trust the Process

Day Four: Thursday, June 12, 2014: Cleanse Day, that is all I have to say

Remember that movie, Kids? That terribly gross and graphic look at young teens having unprotected sex passing along the AIDS virus? Yes, that one. Well, there is a scene where a man on a skateboard is toting himself around panhandling singing “I have no legs, I have no legs.” Yesterday morning I woke and I literally could only feel my torso. By no means do I mean to mock this poor soul in the film (which I am assuming is a real person) but I am merely trying to draw a comparison. I could barely roll over, let alone lift an arm. I panicked, and exclaimed to my boyfriend, “How am I going to be able to teach yoga today?!?!” I didn’t have a choice, that’s how. Boom.

Sure enough, I was able to teach. As with any muscle soreness once the body gets warm and the blood flowing, the muscles become limber and lubricated and alas, we have movement! However, I will admit my triceps were substantially fatigued, but I felt good enough to take a Pilates class late in the evening.

Today was a cleanse day. That meant no food, zero. As in nothing I could chew–green juices/drinks included. I sipped my prescribed beverages for the day and took my supplements. After class one I was ravenous enough to eat a small child. I checked in with a friend to keep me accountable, stuck to the plan, and pushed on! Sometimes, you just need to let go and embrace the process.

Like so many of us, much of my work with food and fitness is mental. So in recognizing this, I vowed to myself that I would trust the process fully. I must let go and fully relinquish myself to my program, keep an open mind, and house lightness in my heart. For me, that is what it will take to achieve success this time.

What was odd was I didn’t feel tired. I laid down to nap and couldn’t. Hmmmm. I could ALWAYS nap. So I cleaned my house, well sorta.

I taught class two, then took a Pilates class. Came home, downloaded music and made a playlist for my cycling class and it was 10pm and still wasn’t tired. Not only wasn’t I tired but I wasn’t hungry either. Where on Earth did this energy come from?! All I know is I felt alive and invigorated. And folks, I liked it.

Cleanse Day 1 closed and I patted myself on my back for making it. But let’s be real, I knew I could and I knew I would do it because I refuse to let myself fail–not this time.

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