Workout Wednesday: Put That Giant Ball To Good Use!

We’ve all walked by the fitness section at TJ Maxx and impulsively bought a giant ball to replace our desk chair, work on our core during commercials while watching TV, and so on. Over time though, the bulky ball went from occupying our desk and living room, to stuffed into a corner, then finally deflated at the bottom of the closet. Well, it’s time to put some air back in that ol’ ball and breathe new life into your workouts (get it? See what I did there?).

This week’s exercises focus on the glutes, hamstrings, core, and trunk regions by using that Swiss ball you just dug out and revived. The Swiss ball, a versatile piece of fitness equipment allows for countless body weight exercises to sculpt and tone muscles, giving them a softly toned appearance. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this ball ain’t gonna make ya ripped. That said, the Swiss ball roll out and glute bridges we tackle this week will make your core tighter and aide with stability. Since these exercises focus on strengthening the trunk too, you will also be getting a well-rounded workout that will help you in other fitness modalities such as standing asana (poses) in yoga and more.

 Click here or on the video below to view one round of this week’s exercises (note, the video does not have any sound).

Two exercises total, 10-12 reps of each exercise with no rest between movements. Complete both movements, rest 20 seconds, then repeat 3x.

Exercise 1: Swiss Ball Roll Out

Laying on your back, place both feet on the Swiss ball. Bend your arms at the elbow into what I like to call “robo-arms” so the palms face one another and your triceps are pressing into the ground. This makes the movement more challenging since you have less surface area touching the ground (if needed, you can always lower the hands). Slowly extend the legs away from the body, keeping the hips lifted. Pause. Then by bending your knees, roll the ball back towards your body. Be sure to keep your core tight and don’t allow the hips to sag. Repeat 10-12.

Exercise 2: Swiss Ball Glute Bridges

Building off of the previous movement, roll the Swiss ball towards your body, so your knees remain bent towards the sky, with hands down by your sides. Slowly and with control, lower the hips down towards the ground but don’t touchdown. Pause. Keeping the tailbone tucked, lift the hips back up towards the sky. Repeat 10-12 times.

If you’re new to these exercises, they are going to be tough and that’s ok! Start with less reps and build up to it. Also, you can simply hold each movement for time and/or supplement with planks. This will help stoke the fire in your core and help make you stronger. Yes you can, so start working!

Rest 20 seconds then REPEAT 3x

Enjoy and Happy #WorkoutWednesday!