Taking A Break Doesn’t Make You A Quitter

Sometimes when we are working so hard for something that we want we just lose steam. Ironically enough, last week’s Monday Motivation post Stop Fighting Yourself To Find Yourself, was about my newly renewed fitness goals and drive. It was almost as if by writing that post I jinxed myself because after Tuesday rolled around, I sunk into a little funk and I remained stuck in neutral all week. I no-showed on a workout, tried swapping things around which really translated to putting workouts off, and then put it off again, and well, I never got to them. I racked my brain trying to figure out what was up. Aside from the 5 planets in retrograde which I was so clearly feeling, I resolved to accept that for whatever reason; I needed a little break.

During the week, there were moments when I briefly wallowed and questioned my self-worth but I tried my absolute best to resolve that this is what my body is telling me: Take a little break. While stillness is somewhat of a challenge for me, my general lack of motivation all week even with my writing projects left me questioning everything. Am I on the right path? Am I being silly trying to get into body building? Am I even a good instructor? I mean, it is amazing the things one thinks to themselves when they finally have the time! Normally I make it a point to keep my self-talk incredibly positive but this week, for the first time in a long time was just blah. But that’s life, isn’t it? Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it just is, and sometimes, it’s blah.

13087414_10100945987355791_1440979648727964048_nI knew that the only way to get out of this little slump was to pull myself out of it. So on Sunday afternoon, I came home from teaching yoga and hit the gym. I expected to feel out of it after missing 5 days but instead, it was the complete opposite. I felt energized and strong. My focus was laser-like with iron will (pun intended). It felt good to re-commit to myself. I embraced the sweat like a baptism. And just like that, my fire that dwindled was reignited and the pit of my belly was blazing.

Fitness like anything we choose to participate in life requires constant focus and re-direction. Sometimes our focus is elsewhere—we find a new class, a new instructor, or discover a new studio, and we take some time to grow. Other times we need to give ourselves permission to find ourselves then come back and remember what we love about sweating, movement, our passions, our work, our anything else in our lives that once brought us happiness. For me, these last few days were a lesson in taking a step back and honoring myself. I listened to what my body and my mind needed. Now feeling recharged, I am more prepared than ever to take on the week. Motivation waivers my friends. You are only human. But know this, as easy as it was to give something up, it is just as easy to invite it back into your life.

Is there something you’ve moved away from? Want to rekindle your relationship with yoga, Pilates, cycling, lifting weights, reading, cooking, or wine tasting? What are you waiting for? Stoke that ember within, reignite that deep belly fire and get back to your passions—they’re waiting for you.