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Inner Monologue Of A Spin Class Student


As an indoor cycling instructor, I know what it’s like to be in class and in the zone. Like any fitness activity one engages in (like running) the inner-dialogue and journey is often hilarious. Seriously, the things I tell myself while running or riding–if someone could record my mind it would make you wonder and laugh at my expense.

This was certainly a funny read, enjoy!

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:

Oh man, why is it so early? Better not look in the mirror. Yep that’s definitely a bad idea. It’s WAY too soon for that. Wait, what is that smell? (*looks down*) Wow, is that coming from my spin shoes? Must address this after class. (*creates new iPhone “note”*). Why is the woman next to me shouting at her friend? It’s 7 a.m. Why is she even making noise? Isn’t the first rule of spin class NO talking? Let’s kick her out. I guess class hasn’t officially begun. Damnit. Can we get this show on the road? Oh crap, there’s a sub today?! Alright, I’m leaving. No, NO. You’re already here. Stay put. This is only an hour of your life. Stop whining. (*takes a sip of black coffee*). Alright, which bike am I? Number 13? Shit I totally forget. Why is this old man looking at me funny? 

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I Don’t Like Showering

There, I said what many of you already think about showering! It’s time consuming, my skin gets really dry, and frankly I would rather spend that time sleeping. All the same, I suppose it is a necessity.

Below is an excerpt of a conversation I shared this on my Facebook. Based on the likes and comments, I decided it was just too honest and awesome not to share here. Enjoy!

This conversation happened between my bf and I last night after we both made our playlists for our cycling classes:

Me: “I’m not going to shower. I didn’t sweat that much today and I’m teaching early in the morning so why bother?”
My bf Greg: “You taught two class AND took a Pilates class. You ARE showering.”
Me: “Oh, yeahhhhhhhhhhhh. I forgot I took class–You’re right, I should shower.”

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Commit to Yourself

Day 3: Wednesday, June 11, 2014:

I woke up today and my right arm was numb. I figured it was numb because I had been sleeping on it. So while trying to settle back into sleep, I stretched my arm into full extension and my arm just wasn’t having it. In a sleep fog, I attributed this pain in my arm to it ‘still being asleep’ and I crashed out again.

I woke up shortly thereafter and my arm still hurt. Except this time I realized why it hurt. I am not in pain, I am sore from Crossfit! Ahhhh, it hurts so good.

Slowly, I made my morning drink and shake while moving like the Tin Man before oiling. I glanced at my schedule to see what classes I was teaching or shall I say NOT teaching for the day. Ah, it felt good to not have to teach a million classes. It felt good that I was starting to make sure I had time for me.

Yesterday, I touched upon commitment and wanted to explore it further tonight.

Commitment is honoring oneself. Commitment is saying “NO” to carve out space for YOU. Commitment is doing you so that you can better serve yourself and those around you.

My recent commitments include myself. Yes, that’s right: ME, MYSELF, and I. This commitment to myself includes two things:
1. My 30-Day Super Foods Nutritional Cleanse
2. Daily workouts for ME: Crossfit, yoga, running, etc.

That’s it. So in order for me to make space for me that means attacking my nutrition with intense ferocity and making no excuses. So far, I am doing great and feeling successful with my program. I can feel my body adjusting as my hunger sets in later and I relish how I eat, when I eat, and what I eat.

With respects to my workouts, admittedly I was discouraged yesterday by my progress (or lack thereof) but today I went back for more and performed surprisingly well. There is no quit in me, there can’t be. Bottom line:

“You can have results or excuses, but you cannot have both.”

In order to be the person I want to be inside and out that means I MUST nourish my soul. As a fitness instructor, the best parts of my job are motivating, coaching, inspiring, elevating, and helping others find greatness. But after a while of giving, giving, giving, and giving, I need my cup to be filled, and for me, that replenishment comes from things that fuel my heart and soul: Ass-kicking workouts.

Right now my commitment to myself looks like this: Turning down [some] opportunities to sub classes and maintaining a laser-like focus on my nutrition. What I have also done to ensure I set myself up for success is I have written into my planner when I would like to take fitness classes and/or workout. I think of it as scheduling a daily date with myself. The times on my planner represent sacred time that I simply do not take on classes and that is that–I have committed to myself.

How will you commit to yourself?

It’s Not About What You Can’t Do, It’s About What You Can Do

Day 2: Tuesday, June 10, 2014: Lots of Sweat and Still Hungry

I tossed and turned last night. I think partially it may have had something to do with my nerves of starting up at Crossfit again, but aside from that I felt pretty good this morning.

I choose to blend my shake with ice to make it more substantial and feel like more of a meal. It turned out to be a delicious success! I opted to keep it to plan with ice and water whereas my boyfriend Greg added some berries to his.

I am sitting here writing part of this post when I should be getting ready for Crossfit. God help me.

Let me state the obvious here, Crossfit is hard. It’s probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I went today praying my strong cardiovascular platform as a cycling instructor would carry me: NOPE. It was still as hard as I remember it being.

At the end of the WOD (workout of the day) as I tallied up my numbers for reps and the coach wrote them on the white board, there it was: How I measured up to everyone else, emblazoned for all of the Studio City Crossfit to see. I am not going to lie. I felt like crap. I’m a fitness instructor. Why am I towards the bottom of this list (no, not last, thank you very much)?! Shouldn’t I be higher?! Wait, come to think of it–I know some people cheated! Finally, this dialogue in my head was interrupted by something I recently said in my yoga class:

It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you can do.

Not only did I show up, but I did the best I could after taking months off from Crossfit. My boyfriend killed it and took second in the WOD but he’s just not human and I am not him. Yes, Crossfit is hard. It’s supposed to be. Like anything else in life, the hard is what makes it great. Every day I show up for myself is one day closer to a stronger, better, more fit me.

So am I where I want to be? No.

But if I sat at home thinking about what I couldn’t do verses actually doing it, then I wouldn’t be making any progress–would I?

I became hungrier later today than yesterday, I am thinking that’s a good thing showing that my body is adjusting to the new nutrition program. I housed veggies and humus, some raw almonds and walnuts, drank lots of water, laid in the sun, and then took a yoga flow class. Pre and post class: I WAS STARVING. But then again, I also had 2+ hours of intense physical activity today which certainly contributed to my hunger.

Being mindful of a potentially epic meltdown from not eating, I hustled home after class and immediately made dinner: Chicken, brown rice, black beans, avocado, tomatoes, baby kale with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and garlic. It was decent and filling. Though I will admit that some froyo would really hit the spot right now, I grabbed a glass of water and sat down to finish writing this. I am making moves and I am committed because it’s not about what I can’t do, it’s about what I can do.

Tomorrow we discuss commitment, oh lala.