Workout Wednesday: A Strong Core Leads to So Much More

Workout Wednesday, Week 4:

This week’s focus is accessing your deep core muscles. While these exercises are sure to make your belly burn, keep in mind that with respects to most fitness work and standing asana (yoga poses); core stability is crucial. So while sometimes we wish we had ripped abs and that sure would be nice, core strength and stability is not always reflected in one’s appearance.

However, if you are looking to take your abdominal work to the next level, nutrition is a key component in achieving washboard abs. So while including consistent core work will help strength and tone, mindful eating is the final and most crucial piece of the puzzle. I typically recommend a gluten, dairy, soy, and sugar free lifestyle with lots of veggies and lean protein to help catapult you towards your fitness goals.

Click here or on the video below to view one round of this week’s exercises (note, the video does not have any sound).

Total time: 4:30 minutes of work with 30 seconds of rest between sets

Each set is 1:00, consisting of 30 seconds of Exercise 1, right into Exercise 2, rest 30 seconds, then repeat 3x.

Exercise 1: Weighted Roll Up, 30 seconds

Start laying on your back, extend and dorsiflex your feet in front of you (toes towards your shins). Hold weights directly above your shoulders, straight arms, towards the sky. As you roll up, be mindful to keep your legs firmly in place, avoid rounding your spine, keeping a flat back. Engage your belly as you lift up and under the weights that stay lifted above your shoulders at all times. At the top of your roll up pause to ensure you’re sitting tall without protruding your lower ribcage. Lower with control and repeat.

Exercise 2: Weighted Microcrunches, 30 seconds

Remain laying on your back and lift your legs to the sky. Keep your feet directly above your hips, mindful not to angle your legs towards your face. Holding one of the weights or both, lift your shoulders off the floor and keep them lifted as you pulse towards your toes. Make sure to keep your shoulders and mid-back lifted while you pulse—only lowering when completely finished with the set.

Notes for Exercises 1 & 2: You can use yoga blocks or skip the weights all together.

Rest 30 seconds then REPEAT 3x

Enjoy and Happy #WorkoutWednesday!