Good Things Come to Those Who WORK

A year and a half ago, my husband Greg and I auditioned for a shot to be coaches at the new Orangetheory (OTF) West Hollywood location. As members of the Brentwood location, we loved the workout. It was fast, fun, and the perfect blend of cardio paired with strength work. For those of you whom are unfamiliar with OTF, it’s a 5 zone heart rate interval training system that includes wearing heart rate monitors, treadmills, rowers, and weights.

Prior to the audition, we were given some ‘homework’ which included memorizing some information. In total, there must have been 40-50 people at this audition, but we both gave it a solid go when our shot came. We left OTF Brentwood that day feeling confident and hopeful we’d be offered spots to go through training. But as fate would have it, neither Greg nor I were invited to the next phase of the audition process. I must admit, initially, it was a huge let down. No matter how many times I’ve been rejected from something the sting of not being good enough or not getting something never lessens.

Nonetheless, we were still happy to be active members in the OTF community and continued working out at the new West Hollywood location. Eventually, as my fitness goals changed and I moved into heavy weight lifting in the body building and power lifting sector, Greg and I cancelled our memberships.

All while both Greg and I couldn’t shake it—we still wanted to be team members. We just couldn’t give up on something we wanted so badly.

On a lark, Greg reached out to a contact at OTF and through the channels put us in contact with the brand new Glendale team. We both interviewed and were offered the opportunity to train, or shall I say audition, for a spot on the team.

Together as husband and wife we navigated a process that threw us wildly out of our comfort zones and into a whole new world. We’d debrief on the day’s learning and hashed out things that confused us, our fears, and our insecurities. It’s funny, because when you are in the thick of something; it’s so easy to let it run away with you. So, for me it wasn’t until a dear friend reminded me that above all ‘to have fun’ that it all finally clicked. That’s what coaching, training, and working with every single person I encounter is—it’s FUN.

Finally, our mock class in front of actual members came and went. We anxiously awaited, clutching our phones for the final call—did we get it??!?!

Greg’s call came first—he got it!

Then, I received a text, “Please call when you have a chance.”

And like Greg, I too was on the team!

I was so happy there was a moment where I couldn’t react. Time seemed to slow and my hearing muted. Was this really happening?! Did I really just earn a spot at OTF Glendale as a coach?! I held back tears of joy as Greg and I bounded out the door of the ice cream shop (hey, cut me some slack, it was my cheat meal).

me and Greg after OTF Fit Cert

Here we are after teaching our mock class

The moral of the story here is you absolutely cannot ever give up on something you want—ever. You cannot allow a setback, rejection, or bumps in the road to deter you from your goals. To further put it into perspective, I have been rejected from the following fitness brands:

  • Cycle House
  • Flywheel
  • Soulcycle
  • Equinox*
  • Orangetheory*

*Re-auditioned at a later time and offered the job!

Yea, those are some pretty high profile brands, huh? In some cases, I bombed completely and was cut after the first go of it. And in others, I made it relatively far in the audition process to eventually be cut. But it really doesn’t matter, does it? What matters is one’s desire and unwavering intensity to chase something they want at all costs.

For example, take Equinox. When I auditioned my first time I did not get offered an opportunity to teach cycling for them. However, I didn’t let that stand in my way. Rejection is good for the soul. It builds character and reminds you why you do what you love because you have to fight for it. Shortly thereafter though, I did earn a slot to teach for Equinox. Simply, I re-auditioned with a clean slate, showed them my stuff, and nailed the job. And now–look at me?! I have grown so much in my time with the company that I now teach multiple formats beyond the cycling room! Who knows where and what I’d be teaching if I never took that second chance on myself.

That’s how you’ve gotta live your life. You cannot allow a few things that do not go your way to define you or hold you back. Make the conscious choice to pick yourself up and know that rejection is always part of the pathway to success. Never, and I mean never give up on something you want because you are worth it.

So ladies and gentleman, it is with pride and my honor to share with you my latest fitness gig at Orangetheory Glendale. You can catch me there Monday and Wednesday nights at 6pm and 7:30pm.

Now team, let’s get BURNING!